4-Format Package of Living Big & Traveling Far on $8,000 a Year

I've gone on dozens of trips in the past five years – California, Georgia, Vermont and even Kaua'i island. (On the right, see places I've stayed at least three weeks in yellow, and places I've stayed at least two days in red.)
If I had a hundred dollars for each time someone asked me, “How can you afford to travel all the time?” . . . then the title of my book would be different.

In 2012 I lived off of $5,000.
In 2013 I lived off of $6,000.
In 2014 I lived off of $7,000.

And when I say "lived off of", I mean everything. That's even before taking the taxes out!
If this isn't surprising enough, my wardrobe is organic clothes and my diet is organic and vegetarian. Needless to say, these little details have surprised people I know, especially affluent people who feel they can't afford yoga, organic clothes or even organic nuts!
Now I'm sharing my secrets with you! Learn how you can leverage your income, reduce your spending, and increase your savings – all while traveling and working as little as a couple hours a day!
I've wracked my brain for every trick I've ever used for saving money and getting things for free in my life. Much of what I do is made possible by knowing what can be done without any money at all. And I've packed it all into one amazing treasure trove. In my book you'll learn:
How to maximize your garden's harvest, growing a wide variety of foods without any sprays.
8 different ways to get free meals.
9 less-known alternatives to renting/owning.
5 tricks for how to acquire new high-paying skills in your spare time.
5 different ways to monetize your space, even if you just have a small apartment.
What to bring with you when you travel and what to buy when you get there.
Surprising methods for recovering from insomnia, yeast infections and several other common aliments.
How you can eat all organic foods on as little as $100 per month.
12 different gluten-free, plant-based recipes that maximize nutrition on a budget.
5 different money traps and how to avoid them.
New ways to look at minimum wage, wealth, and the economy at large.
What "Gift Economy" and "Resource Based Economy" really mean.
How to select products that are good for you (economical, efficient, high quality) and good for the planet (ecological).
11 unusual employment opportunities that'll get your creative juices going.
5 different ways to find places to stay while traveling (other than hotels).
19 tips to increase efficiency in your kitchen and prevent food from going to waste.
Alternatives for skincare, bodycare and laundry that are ecological and economical.
Entertainment options that are cost-effective and long-lasting, such as unusual board games.
How to reduce expenses and find freebies in every facet of your life.
How to show appreciation and deepen your relationships and friendships.
How your thinking patterns and beliefs impact your spending habits.
New ways to measure your time and calculate the value of your time.
How to set goals and accomplish goals.
Spending habits are learned behavior. In order to change the dollar-flow in your life, you have learn to new ways to look at your purchases.
Financial habits are very personal. They are a reflection of your beliefs, your personality and your priorities. In order to change that, you need a new perspective.
Living Big & Traveling Far on $8,000 a Year will shift your entire wealth paradigm, making it possible to travel thousands of miles each year, work less, and enjoy life more.
They say to "under promise" and "over deliver." You'll find that in this book. While my promise is that you can "live big" and "travel far" on $8,000 a year, if you follow all the tips in this book, you could find yourself living on $2,000 a year, and doing better than just "living big" — you could be living your grandest vision of your life.
This book a packed with information, including detailed charts that reveal exactly how I've spent my money, and how I've spent my time. I've even included hundreds of tidbits from other people I know who lead very successful lives on surprisingly little cash.

I recall one friend of mine said they "couldn't relate" to having to pay rent or buy groceries. This grown, mature, healthy and happy man didn't have to worry about these things! Depending on your personal choices, you can live that way too. His way of life is also covered in this book.
You'll find a lot of personal stories in this book:
Find out how I met my husband online and why this was crucial creating a can-do attitude that later allowed for abundant traveling.
Discover Lana's story of being happiest when she was most broke.
Laugh at the story of the blender that was defeated by frozen strawberries.
These are just three examples of the fascinating episodes within!
Beyond my experience and the experience of many other wealth-savvy people I've met, I've also included some of the most life-changing wisdom that allowed me to be able to lead the life I've led.
With this book, you can live big regardless of your wage or salary. And even if you have plenty of cash, this book is packed with value. If you currently earn $40,000 and you spend only $8,000 a year, then you can put $32,000 a year into savings!
Unlike other books, where you only get to purchase one format at once, I've bundled together the audiobook with the format for computer and two additional formats for different types of e-readers. You can listen to the book, read it on your computer and read it on your e-reader at your leisure.

Regardless of your diet, you'll benefit from the creative recipes within. I've used my most popular, most loved, most cost-effective, most travel-recipes. I've even broken down the price of each ingredient, each serving and the whole recipe as well. You also get a nutritional report with each recipe. The recipes will work for you whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, paleo, macrobiotic, omnivorous, gluten-free, and/or sweetener-free.
Whether your a nutrivore, omnivore, frugivore or frutarian, prepare to be enlightened. The sizable section on "maximizing nutrition per dollar" is brimming with useful techniques and ideas.

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